Get Smooth, Hair-Free Skin Faster Than Ever With Our Powerful Laser Technology.

Lightsheer laser helps patients achieve long-lasting hair reduction and potentially permanent smoothness by targeting the hair follicles with concentrated light energy.

How does laser hair removal work with Lightsheer laser technology?

  • Targeting Hair Follicles: Lightsheer uses a diode laser that emits a specific wavelength of light absorbed by melanin, the pigment in hair follicles. This targeted absorption minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding skin.
  • Disabling Hair Growth: The absorbed light energy heats the hair follicle, damaging its structure and inhibiting its ability to grow new hair.
  • Multiple Treatment Sessions: Hair follicles go through different growth cycles. Lightsheer is most effective during the growth phase, so multiple treatment sessions spaced out over time are typically needed for optimal results. The exact number of sessions depends on factors like hair color, thickness, and treatment area.
  • Effective on Various Hair and Skin Types: Lightsheer is considered one of the most versatile laser hair removal options. It’s effective on a wider range of hair colors (darker hair absorbs the light better) and skin tones compared to some other lasers.

Benefits of Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal:

  • Long-lasting Hair Reduction: Lightsheer offers significant hair reduction, potentially leading to permanent hair removal in some cases. This translates to less time and money spent on shaving, waxing, or other traditional hair removal methods.
  • Reduced Ingrown Hairs: By targeting the hair follicle, Lightsheer can help minimize the occurrence of ingrown hairs, a common side effect of shaving or waxing.
  • Faster Treatment Times: Lightsheer is known for its relatively fast treatment times compared to some other laser hair removal options. The large treatment spot size allows for efficient coverage of larger areas.
  • Comfortable Treatment: The Lightsheer system incorporates a built-in cooling mechanism to minimize discomfort during the treatment. Most patients experience a mild warming sensation or tingling during the procedure.