Root Canal Treatments

When the inner pulp of the tooth becomes infected, it requires a root canal treatment. The process removes the infected pulp of the tooth, which ultimately preserves the natural tooth and saves it from decay.

Root Canal re-treatments

If a tooth which has undergone a root canal treatment fails to heal properly or develops new problems, a re-treatment may be necessary. 

Apicoectomy Surgery

If a root canal treatment is not enough to fully heal the tooth, we must perform a small surgical procedure called “Apicoectomy” in order to reach difficult areas where an infection may be present.

Pulpotomy (partial root canal)

A Pulpotomy procedure is performed on deciduous (baby) teeth to treat an infected tooth’s pulp.

Cracked/Fractured Teeth

Overtime, teeth can become susceptible to cracks and fractures. It’s important to get treatment for a cracked tooth right away, as it can prevent further damage and infection to the tooth’s pulp.

traumatic injury treatments

Traumatic injuries to the mouth can cause teeth to be pushed into their sockets or dislodged out of place.