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Dr. Jared Lund Is Among The Most Experienced And Prolific Mohs Surgeons In California, Performing Over 2,000 Mohs Cases Annually.

Surgical dermatology is the specialized field where precision meets aesthetics in the care of skin health. Among its many techniques, one of the most notable is Mohs micrographic surgery, a meticulous procedure aimed at treating skin cancer with maximum preservation of healthy tissue. Mohs surgery involves the systematic removal and examination of thin layers of skin until only cancer-free tissue remains, making it particularly effective for tumors with ill-defined borders or in cosmetically sensitive areas like the face. This method offers unparalleled accuracy, often resulting in minimal scarring and higher cure rates compared to traditional excision methods. In the hands of skilled dermatologic surgeons, Mohs surgery exemplifies the delicate balance of eradicating disease while prioritizing the preservation of both function and appearance.

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